Professional Service Academy Consultants


Professional Service Academy Consultants 
guide you through the application process

 Did you know that less than 15% of  students who apply to a Service Academy gets an appointment? And  the competition will only get tougher with the Air Force Academy, Naval  Academy, and Military Academy mandated to reduce to 4000 cadets 

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Professional Service Academy Consultants

​Professional  Service Academy Consultants is dedicated to helping students through  the application process while highlighting a student's unique  characteristics that will make an Admissions Board take notice.  We can  be the "secret weapon" that guides the busy student and parents through  the confusing and complex application process.  Our consultants have  worked in Service Academy Admission Offices and have the expertise to  increase a student's chance of acceptance as well as answer any  questions you might have. If your dream is you attend the Naval Academy,  the Military Academy, or the Air Force Academy, look no further.  Contact us today for help!


Professional Service Academy Consultants provides beginning-to-end consulting on the entire admission process including:   

  • Creating a solid strategy to develop effective essays and resumes
  • Offering guidelines for letters of recommendation and intensive interview preparation 
  • Timeline management to ensure you make every milestone
  • Advice  on any topic: which Academy to apply to, whether to retake the  SAT/ACTs, what cadet life is like, how to explain/minimize a weakness,  etc.

     How We Stand Apart 

  • Our  Admission Consultants have actually worked in a Service Academy  Admissions Office, helped make admissions decisions, and planned summer  programs; we know better than anyone what Service Academies are looking  for
  • Our  Admissions Consultants graduated from a Service Academy; we have lived  it and can help expose students to the rigors and challenges of cadet  life
  • Our Admissions Services Packages include intensive leadership training that will benefit the student through their life
  • We possess a keen desire to help our students and their parents through a stressful time
  • We  are eager to figure out which is the right Service Academy for a  student and/or the right admissions strategy for the student to maximize  their chances for an appointment

 "Our Consultant's first hand knowledge, positive attitude,  and personal step-by-step plan took the unknown "secrets" of applying to  the Air Force Academy into comfortable experienced hands. Through her  direction my son learned the art of applications, powerful verbiage, and  interview skills that will remain with him forever. At his  Congressional interview, he rocked their world and received an Air Force  Academy nomination that included a personal phone call of  congratulations from the Congressman himself! As a parent, I could relax  knowing that my son was in good hands; she even helped us navigate the  initial DoDMERB decline."

 ---Barbara, California 


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