Consulting Services Overview


Professional  Service Academy Consultants is unique in that our consultants have  worked in a Service Academy Admissions Office and know what makes an  application stand out.  Also, our services and packages are specialized  to work with clients at any stage of the application process from the  aspiring High School Freshman to a Senior starting the application  process.  In addition, we offer hourly consulting options as well as our  popular Interview Preparation Course.

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Admission/Consulting Services

Each  of our Services is customized for where you are in the application  process.  We can help you as early as your Freshman year with early  preparation or as a Senior perfecting your application for submittal.

Whole Person Strategy Development

Each  Service Academy places a slightly different emphasis on Academic  Preparation, Character/ Leadership, and Physical Fitness, but all use  the “Whole Person” concept when evaluating a candidate.  We understand  that no student is perfect.  Shining in several areas of an application  can increase a student’s chances of getting an Appointment.   Professional Service Academy Consultants gets to know a student and will  develop a strategy to address any weaknesses in an application while  highlighting a student’s assets.


Deadline Process/Management

One  of the biggest frustrations for parents and students is the application  process.  A Service Academy’s application is complex, lengthy and has  many parts, each designed to highlight specific aspects of a student.   Parents and students may find it difficult to navigate and keep track of  each piece.  Also, a student must track deadlines related to a  Congressional or Senatorial Nomination.  This adds another, completely  separate process with its own objectives and deadlines.  Professional  Service Academy Consultants keep parents and students on track and ready  to turn in everything before the deadlines; while creating a cohesive  application package that displays all of a student’s excellent  characteristics. 

Academic Assessment

No  matter if you are interested in the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy,  or the Military Academy, a student’s academic record is probably the  most important factor in the application.  Service Academies'  curriculums are challenging and Admissions Panels want to make sure the  student is prepared for the rigorous academics.  Panels look at a  variety of factors including grades, class standing, strength of the  student’s high school and the type of classes took based on what the  school offers.  Each of these factors has trade-offs and though  academics IS a major factor, it is not the only factor.  Professional  Service Academy Consultants understands the process and can help balance  a student’s academic record with the rest of his/her achievements to  maximize student’s probability to attend the Air Force Academy, Naval  Academy, or the Military Academy.

ACT/SAT Score Review/Guidance

After  Academics, ACT/SAT scores are the next most important determining  criteria for Academy appointments.  ACT/SAT scores are important because  they are an objective criterion available to separate applicants from  one another since students from around the country take the same set of  tests.  Each Academy has a range of scores that they commonly accept and  will accept students on the bottom of their range only if a student has  other attributes that make them stand out.  Since these scores are so  important, often the question is, “Should I retake the SAT/ACT?” or  “Which should I take the ACT or SAT?”  We recommend early and often.  Take the SAT/ACT as early as possible and continue to take until his/her  scores are close the reported mean of each Academy.  Also, we recommend  taking both since some students perform better on one test or the  other.  Professional Service Academy Consultants will review the  student’s scores and help the student determine if the student should  retake a test when the rest of their file is taken under consideration.

Leadership Assessment

Air  Force Academy, Military Academy, and Naval Academy are a vehicle to  educate, train, and commission the future military leaders of our  country.  Each Service Academy is searching for tomorrow’s next  leaders.  One of the best ways for Admissions Panels to evaluate  leadership potential is through a student’s past performance or  experiences.  Many times students sell themselves short and do not  communicate their true leadership experiences.  This is a huge loss to  the student’s application.  Professional Service Academy Consultants  works one-on-one with a student to not only bring out every leadership  experience, but we will teach a student how to communicate their  experiences in the most effective manner.  Also, we can offer advice on  possible leadership opportunities and projects that can enhance a  student’s application.

Personal Talent/Trait Analysis

The  Air Force Academy, Military Academy, and Naval Academy are looking for a  very diverse population of students from all over the country with a  variety of experiences.  Each student has talents and traits that can  add to their application.  Admissions panels want to see these come out  in the student’s application.  Professional Service Academy Consultants  will work one-on-one with a student to bring out a student’s talents and  help them express these within their application so the Admissions  Panel can really “see” the student.

Extracurricular Assessment

Extracurricular  involvement is another part of the “Whole Person” concept.  A student  needs more than just great academics to get offered an appointment.   Admissions Panels are looking for the whole package.  Professional  Service Academy Consultants will assess a student’s extracurricular  activities, identify any holes, offer suggestions for improvement, or  help develop a strategy to address any weaknesses.

Essay/Writing Sample Review

Each  assessment and analysis listed above helps us to really to get to your  background.  This helps identify the “golden nuggets” in your  experiences that help express the most compelling story about you.  We  want to stress the term “story”.  Admissions Panels read thousands of  essays and without a compelling “story” you might get lost in the  crowd.  Then, we help identify the best topics and theme for your  essay/writing sample so that you can stand out.  We also provide you  with a brainstorming exercise and give you feedback on ideas you present  to us BEFORE you even start working on a draft.

Resume/Student Profile Review

Academies  require a Resume or some sort of Student Profile.  Each assessment and  analysis listed above helps create that resume or profile.  Our  Consultants have sat on Admissions Panels and know what type of items  the Panels are looking to see.  Also our in-depth review of the student  and their activities will bring out many characteristics and activities  that students usually forget or do not know to put on their resume or  profile.

Interview Preparation

Depending  on which Service Academy you are looking to attend, an Interview may be  required.  Also, some Congressional and Senatorial Nomination Panels  require an interview.  Professional Service Academy Consultants have  created an Interview Preparation course to prepare the student for these  interviews.  We include possible questions, what to wear, and what the  interviewers’ general expectations are.  We also work personally with  the student and conduct mock interviews to fully prepare the student for  the stresses that interviews can cause. You can also review our selection of books to help with interviews.

Letters of Recommend Guidance

Letters  of Recommendation can add tremendously to a student’s applicant. Many  students think that a Letter of Recommend from a famous or important  person will guarantee entry.  This is not the case.  A well written  letter from a neighbor or family friend who has known the student for a  long time can be and usually is a more persuasive letter.  Admissions  Panels are looking for specific attributes and want to “see” the student  through another’s eyes.  Professional Service Academy Consultants will  provide a student with guidance on the types of items that should be in  recommend letters and offer guidance on who to seek letters of recommend  from.

CFA Preparation/Guidance

The  Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) really sets Air Force  Academy, Military Academy, and Naval Academy applications apart from any  other university.  Students MUST pass a physical fitness test if they  would like earn an Appointment to a Service Academy.  Professional  Service Academy Consultants will review a student’s physical fitness,  provide tips to prepare, as well as help students fully understand what  the CFA consists of. You can also purchase our book for help on the CFA.

While  no one can guarantee you entry to the Air Force Academy, Military  Academy, or Naval Academy our services can help you present the most  complete and competitive package possible

Please review our admissions packages and contact us for a FREE initial consultation.