Interested in Books Written by AcademyPros?


Our Consultants have created four titles to help you with your application needs.

NEW!!!! We have just finished the ultimate Service Academy Workbook to guide you through the application process

  Service Academy Admissions: An Insider's Guide to the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and Military Academy ​ 

Need help with your Military Service Academy Application?

Service  Academy Admissions: An Insider's Guide to Getting Accepted is a  comprehensive manual explaining everything you need to complete your  application for the Naval Academy, the Military Academy, or the Air  Force Academy as well as your applications for the various Nomination  Sources.  

Just Need Interview Help? Try one of the titles below.

Ace Your West Point Nomination Interview

Ace Your Naval Academy Interview

Ace Your Air Force Academy Interview

 (Material in each is very similar. You will only need one title even if you are interested in more than one Service Academy.)